Review: Nokia 770

I've had my Nokia 770 for over two months now and like all great things in life, it made me through a cycle of mixed emotions.

When I just got it I was over the moon. I loved it. It looked great, it felt solid and it had linux. It hooked up to my wifi at home without problems, i could surf in bed, play mah yong on the toilet, i installed scumm and played monkey island again during my "beaufort days". 

But chatting was hard and I needed a bluetooth keyboard, but they are hard to find. And the 64mb mem wasn't much and mediamarkt didn't have a 1gb version. And beyond the comfort of my own appartment there's not a lot of wifi to get online on. (yeah yeah.. you know, all those stories you hear about people hacking in on other peoples wifi connection.. they suck! they create false expectations ;) man, i didn't even have wifi at cebit)

And I grumbled and muttered. 

And some weeks passed where I feared that I had wasted a lot of money. I always try to keep myself from buying gadgets because most of the time I get bored of them (or they don't live up to their promise) in a short time.

But then I had a nice moment in the sun with my tablet when I went shopping for mothersday. And the new OS was announced and it looked great.

I started reading some more about my Nokia, found some new programs, got root on the little device (*smile!*), configured NFS on all computers, spent some personal time with linux, got access to my mp3 collection from my little nokia, bought a bluetooth GSM, ...

And I realised. :-)

I will have to spend about 150€ on bluetooth thingies (a keyboard, headphones) en memory. And get my GPRS working. And then I will have the device that I was dreaming about.  

My personal interface to cyberspace. 

I can take it with me, when I'm bored I can use it to read some ebooks (i have a big Dr Who connection.. hehe), or play a game (i hope mame will be ported soon), connect to the internet and surf or blog or shop, read my mail, get on msn, .. I can buy a GPS receiver and use it in my car as GPS. Connect to my home computer and listen to music. 

I'm thinking about setting up vnc or something similar and try to use it as a remote host. That way I could run serious applications on it.

The sky is the limit.

Getting NFS, rootaccess and some basic linux tools (like vim)  was important. And hopping onto the bluetooth wagon.

This is still a young device. It was only anounced a year ago. It uses open standards so it is highly adaptable and flexible. It allows for growth and I believe it will do just that.

Recently Origami was announced with a big hype. This does just that. But it is cheaper. And it is open. It will not fuck you in the ass when you start depending on it.

If you are into tech and computers and scifi and linux you simply must buy this. Really! You will love it.

If not, just wait a year. This will grow. I know it will. And it will become more out-of-the-box usable, more accessible. With better specs and lower prices.

Hmmmm.. Better specs..  *drule*





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