Perfection: CD Ripping in Konqueror

Just this week I discovered another hidden treasure in konqueror. It is so beautifull in simplicity and thoughtfull design.It's one of those things that make you wonder how it is possible that nobody did it before.


You put a cd in your computer.

You click the CD icon to open your file explorer.

In the CD folder you find a directory MP3, a directory OGG and the original wav-files. And in the MP3 and OGG folder are the (you can guess it) mp3's and ogg's of this cd.

To rip the cd you just copy the MP3 folder to your desktop.

And that's it. That's how they do it.

But wait, there's more..


It also connects to a cddb server to download the track information. And this means you're not looking at files like Track1.mp3, Track2.mp3, ...

Nonono, you're looking at Eddy Wally - Cherie.mp3, Eddy Wally - Marktkramer.mp3, ... No more manual mp3 tagging.. Huray ! :)


And on top of that it does error-correction if needed.

I am impressed. This is perfection.

It's not a big application, in fact, it is just a frontend that uses commandline tools. But in my eyes, it's a work of art. Some very clever thinking, done by Rik Hemsley (the original coder).

In time this will become default behaviour of all os's and nobody will know that it's there anymore. It's the sad fate of every application that reaches perfection..




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