Novell Suse Linux Enterprise Edition

I'm writing this entry in the easy chair. In front of me is an evaluation version of Novell's SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10. SLED in short. 


It's great. It looks & feels majestic.

WiFi, sound, 3D, .. everything was automatically detected.  I had some problems with installing but that was related to a bad DVD. Rewrote the iso and problem was solved.

The XGL really is great fun as eye-candy but it also opens the way to the multiple desktops. I never use more then one desktop but with the XGL I found myself using them without giving it any thought.

ICA clients come preinstalled but I have some problems connecting them to my employers Citrix servers. But I've encountered these errors before on Linux systems and I've had them fixed. I wish I remembered how. Obepaald

I think I'll enter my evaluation activation code and use the allocated support as much as possible.

The banshee program that is included in the base install really was no good. Well, it's not amarok, right. Knipoog But that was easily fixed. A simple sequence of: Pressing the start button, install new software, search amarok, install.  Amarok was up and running. An old version sadly but I'll search the newer rpm on a later day.

I thought I would have more problems with getting used to the gnome interface but in fact, I had none. Agreed, you don't have the configurability you have in KDE but on the other hand, the settings are great as they are.

Their's even a nice Quick Start Tour. This gives you a basic overview of the system and where everything is. Just enough to get even the most basic beginner started.

All in all I haven't seen anything that resembled this. This is a desktop I want to use. It fits the laptop beautifully.

I think I would even pay for this. 

Longer test will show if the nasty problems still need to pop up.



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