Nokia Contest

Op loopt er een wedstrijd die de mogelijkheden van de Nokia770 wil verkennen. Om mee te doen moet je enkel een mailtje zenden met jouw idee hoe je de Nokia zou willen gebruiken.

De winnar wint een Nokia 770.  

Dit is mijn entry geworden, mijn droom:

- How I want to use my Nokia 770 -

My Nokia is my personal interface. It is the controlcenter that connects all things electronic for me. Both hardware as "cyberware" (internet, information, email, …)

I keep it in my purse next to my wallet (so it can't weigh much more) and it uses both bluetooth and Wifi extensively. I also have a small GPS receiver in my purse and a tiny bluetooth GSM. My camera also has bluetooth.

When I enter a room it automaticly searches for Wifi connections. It checks if my favorite connection (home/work) is available and if not, tries to connect to the closest unprotected connection. It also starts meshing. If no connections are available I can configure it to automaticly connect to my cellphone and use GPRS. In this mode it will receive mail and phonecalls and allow surfing but it wont send/receive big files without warning.

I never turn it off.

A day out

I drive to the shoppingmall and put my car in the carpark. I don't retrieve a ticket but let the machine connect to my nokia with bluetooth to receive a ticketID. I also receive any promotions and coupons that are active at that time, including a map with the layout of this shoppingmall.

When I sit down for my coffee a bit later I open my Nokia. My browser displays the active promotions (that received before) and shows in which shops I can find them. I select those that interest me and dots are added to the downloaded maemo map. With my map (and gps receiver) I easily find the interesting stores. I do some shopping until it is time for lunch, my expenses are registered on my Nokia over bluetooth. Before I leave I have another Coffee and I use the Nokia to read my personalized newspage. (Google Home is my friend) I'm also registered on Plazas (internet community) and message popups up saying that somebody from my friendslist is close in the neighbourhood. With Google Talk I call him and we arrange to meet. Plazas passes the adres coordinates to Maemo Maps and with it I find my friend in a restaurant some streets further away.

We eat and wonder what we should do. We use plazas again and discover that there is a small festival not far from where we are. Once again Maemo maps shows me the way. At the festival I take some pictures with my camera and upload them with BT to the Nokia. As soon as my Nokia finds a free internet connection it will silently upload my pictures to my online picture repository (Flickr?).

After the festival I search a nice place in the grass, in the sun, and while I'm relaxing I add a blog entry about the festival with the pictures that are posted on flickr.

When I return to the shoppingmall carpark to pickup my car it uses the bluetooth info to detect how much I bought or how many shops I visited and gives me a reduction based on this for my parkingticket.

A day at work

My Nokia is on his stand next to my computer. It's biggest function now is PDA/PIM. It connects to the Exchange server at work to update and display my calender. (like a desk calender)

When it receives a call I turn on my bluetooth earphone and use it for communication. Otherwise I just turn on the lastFM player on my Nokia and use it to personally tuned music.

Sending mails and working I do with my office computer.

At home

At home it sits in its stand next to my computer and loads the battery. It displayes my personalized newspage when I'm not using it. I take it with me in the kitchen when I'm cooking. I use it in bed or in the toilet to read or surf or listen to music (lastFM or a NFS connection to my mp3 collection at home). When my computer is off I also use it to chat. I browse to "" to see what's on tv and I can even use my Nokia to change channels on the tv. Or to program my HD/DVD recorder which is connected to my TV. I just open my programlisting on the Nokia, rightclick the program I like and get a contect menu with the options: "Switch to this program" and "Record this program".

I can even use the television to show my Nokia's screen. So, when I'm at friends, I don't need to use their computer, I just browse to my flickr site on my nokia and show my pictures on their tv screen.

In the end, my Nokia doesn't do BIG things. It doesn't try to be my computer. Or my Cellphone. Or my mediaplayer.

It's my personal interface which connects everything electronic and integrates it. It doesn't hold data but transfers it, makes it available, connects it. It shouldn't draw attention when it's there, only when it's missing.

It is the glue that binds everything. My data, my hardware, my social contacts, my commercial needs, …

It already can do almost everything it needs to do to make this dream come true. The specs need to be a tiny bit higher. And the software needs to be tinkered with. It should remain open and flexible.

But it's so close I can smell it, feel it and touch it..


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