Nokia 770 - LastFM


I read an announcement today that the LastFM application will be ported to the Nokia770.

I can't wait..

For those who don't know LastFM a short explanation:

It is a webservice that is made of of two parts.

The first is a plugin for your mp3 player. Everytime a track is played it sends the name of the track and the artist to the lastfm servers. This way you can see statistics of the music you play. With this LastFM creates your "music-style profile".

The second is a player. With this player you can listen to a webstream with music that fits within your profile or music that's similar to a certain genre or artist. Whichever you select. In other words, all you need is an internet connection and you have access to music that is tuned to your taste.

Just purrrrfect for my tablet. :)


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