Linux weaknesses

Over these years I've read quit a few linux-vs-windows-comparison. Today I came across (yet) another one and I just realised, they are useless.. 

First because the only people that read them have made their choice already. And secondly because there is no such thing as "the best OS". Your desktop system is a tool, not a religion.

The things that are compared are taken out of context and frankly, because of al the blahbla, the real issues are not touched, which renders it useless for those people that really don't know.

Over all these years Linux has matured a lot, but so has Windows. Security is an issue on all OS's. 

Lately I've had a lot of conversations about Linux with geeks and non-geeks. Lovers and haters. And in the end, it all comes down to this: Linux has two major weaknesses.

The first is support.

Primarily hardware and software support. Only recently I have seen the trend where some big suppliers support linux and port their software or drivers to linux. But this is a minority.
And since their is no money in Linux, they are not motivated to invest the time to do this.

But also the indirect support. No matter which problem you experience, your provider (your internet provider, your mobile operator, your hardware vendor) has no clue. They wont help you or simply name it as the reason of failure. 

This is caused by two reasons: lack of PR and millions of dollars pumped into lobying by Microsoft.

Since the Linux community isn't as rich as the big MS it will never be able to spend as much money on lobying and advertising.

The second reason is freedom

This is both it's strongest point as it weakest point. For experienced users it is the reason why Windows can never compare to linux. For newbies it is the reason why it appears so terribly confusing. Since there are so many ways of doing things and different people have different preferences it is hard to know which is which and what is the best way to do something. Multiple installations methods is an example (from source, apt-get, rpm, ... ) and since they all have a lot of followers the bigger applications will support more then one. What is a user to choose?

This also means that a supplier can't invest it all in one method. So the efford is divided and instead of one good solution, you have several half-and-half solutions.

Do we want the freedom issue changed? No! Please no. But we should find a way to work around this. Distributions are one way but here you will find the same multitude (350 i heard) of solutions so the issue is made worse instead of better. 


So.. Right now we are at a standoff. I believe that we will remain on this standoff until these two issues are solved. When they are, all the other issues that I hear will solve itself.

The future will tell.  



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