Life as an RPG

In most RPG games you have something like classes. There's the thief, the wizard, the priest, the knight/warrior, the bard, ...

And even in real life you have these same classes. Maybe thiefs are now called criminals, and bards are called Entertainers (or BV's in Flanders) but you find the dame classes.

And like any good RPG it's not always the same class that wins the game.

In the very old (caveman) ages the wizard was the man. The shaman of the clan. Later, during the middle ages, the knight was the head-honcho. There even was a time when priests where the one doing all the talking (the time of the inquisition).

So, who's on top now?

It seems to be a close call between the bard and the merchant. The least agressive of all classes.

Moral of the story: violence doesn't pay off.  


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