1000 visits


We've passed 1000 unique visits. Who would've thought.

And checking the stats confirms it. Firefox beats the living shit out of Internet Explorer. *little victory dance*

Still not as much linux users as I would like to see. But then again, writing about ravioli and tuna salad probably wont lure my fellow penguin fans. Still, since we (zoonie and me) don't amount to half the visits, they are present. There's even a very active one in "de westvloanders" lurking about. I have a fairly good idea who that might be. But don't panic, your secret is safe with me.

Beyond that there aren't any big surprises. Google wins over MSN, not everybody has a cool 1280 screen resolution, and all windows users have XP.

Oh, and somebody found our site by searching for the IBM t60p. Hmm, what gives?











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